Covid-19 Warriors

It was a two-birds-one-stone kind of thing: an anonymous thank you to front line workers from Koshish (who worked at day-night in entire country when COVID-19 hit the world ) and a boost to small business.

It was also an example of the many people have recently stepped up, all over the country, sewing homemade mask, stocking free lending libraries or scouring stores to purchase Groceries for the elderly. They are Heartwarming examples but they raise an interesting question, WHY? when their own welfare is so clearly at stake , why do people risk share resources or risk exposure to the virus to help others.

The answer is, its comes down to the term ProSocial, means that when you have a choice between acting in your personal best interest or acting in the best interest of the collective, that you opt for the latter Humans are naturally prosocial, they had to be in order to survive.

That’s why, Koshish has taken an initiative to bring all necessary aids in terms of food, ration and healthcare to those who are in need. Our volunteers are working consistently to ensure proper delivery of basic necessities to affected people in Udaipur and its surrounding area and facilitated masks and food items to the needy. We have also helped many people to find shelter in this pandemic.

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for those helpless childrens who need it