Donate a smile

Donate a Smile initiative by Koshish is set on the foundation of bringing happiness to children in terms of education and healthcare. Due to financial and social situations, a lot of children in our country are not able to attend school, not having a proper meal,or nourishment and good health which is arising as a serious issue for the future of India.

Koshish foundation is dedicated to bring happiness and wellness to these children in need with financial aid from people all across the globe to build a better future for these children. Every single penny, clothes, medicines, stationary etc received in our Donate a Smile programme goes directly toward building a better life for a child.

We conduct several campaigns under Donate a smile like Clothing drives, free summer camps, one day meals, distributing sportswear to unprivileged kids and many more initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of children and communities. We do intensive programmes focused on this in the remotest areas to urban areas.

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for those helpless childrens who need it