With a consistent approach toward building a better future, Koshish has been working rigorously since its inception to relive children from the chains of child labour and provide them proper education to nurture their lives in the best way possible.

We have taken a lot of children under our wing by sponsoring their school education and closely work with them to help them discover their true potential and make their dreams come true. Not only this, with a vocational training programmes, Koshish is also involved in training people to understand the value of livelihood or sustainable livelihood.

Under Education section, we mainly focus on providing awareness to the people. We initiated the Safe Sanitary Practice among women and girls in the rural areas. We also conduct various library sessions for kids. We organize Painting competition for less fortunate students. The goal of the competition is to expose these little kids with disabilities to art and identify their interpretation. We also conduct awareness drives for HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer,Female foeticide, education for all.

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for those helpless childrens who need it