Women Empowerment

Women are most affected with regards to unemployment and poverty. Wellbeing of any society is greatly dependent upon women empowerment but unfortunately in India, a lot of women are facing issues on daily basis for basic things like health, education, employment and a respectable status in society.

The foundation of Koshish ek ashaa was set on the roots of women empowerment only and address these challenges through a simple yet effective approach. The programme is specifically aimed at realization of both individual and collective self-esteem and inner strength for marginalised and socially excluded women and adolescent girls through innovative community practices. We are empowering women SHG’s (self help group) by providing them training and education of sewing, animal husbandry, dairy, farming etc to help them earn a respectful living. Further, essential fitting abilities empower ladies to work from home, they can proceed in their customary part as homemaker yet earn.

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